Día 10: Granada… a Lazy Sunday, FB, and Thoughts on Going to Church

(1)  Laura and Vampire Guy

The guy Laura was making out with yesterday is apparently a very rough kisser.  She came to lunch this morning with pink cheeks complaining that he had bit her a few times purposefully.  He then continued to follow her after she tried to leave him, texted her a million times, and tried to follow her into the apartment, but didn’t because she ended up having to shove him outside while she locked the gate.  Persistent bastard.  I dunno… I think she got what she deserved.  If she didn’t want him to be interested, she shouldn’t have been all over him after only knowing him for maybe 30 minutes.  *rolls eyes *

(2)  Its So Pretty Here

I love how Granada has so many pretty plazas and parks all over the place.  Sure there are tons of little shops and multi level buildings… it’s a busy big city.  It’s just so nice to see a big city take the time to stop and smell the roses… dedicate whole big areas to lush, beautiful places full of statues, fountains, palm trees, roses, and more.  Muy bonita.

Sarah and I decided to go to a park today to study, chill, and just get a tan.  It was an amazingly peaceful and relaxing afternoon.

(3)  Facebook is Being So Completely Lame

It’s being SUPER slow, and won’t load everything, and takes forever, and erases results, and and and … what’s the fluke???  What’s randomly going on???

(4)  “What Kind of Ethnicity Should You be Dating?”


Perfecto.  I love my John <333  ;P

(5)  More Helado?  Hell Yes!!!

Today I had tarde de queso y roché (Cheesecake with blueberry drizzle and the Roché chocolate candies).  Amazing.  ^_^

(6)  Thoughts on Going to Church

I don’t go to church regularly … and I’m okay with that.  I dunno, it’s just that… when people tell me “Oh, you don’t go to church… you’re not a real Christian.”  I mean… what is that???  Just because my view on going to church is different than their view is doesn’t mean I’m not a good Christian.  To me, it’s not about how much you worship God.  It’s how much you show you’re a good son or daughter.  It’s showing your heavenly father how much you love him by making him proud… being a good person.  You don’t worship your father… you love him.  There are so many people who go and fall asleep… embrace people in church and then turn their backs on them in the streets.  Going to church is a good thing… don’t get me wrong… but that doesn’t necessarily make you a good Christian.  Being a good person and living the life He would be proud of and loving Him is being a good Christian.

(7)  Someone Ate my Dinner!

So apparently Yaquelin doesn’t cook us lunch or dinner on Sundays??  I dunno.  The other kids say that she doesn’t usually make them anything… they just get it themselves on Domingo, but she’s supposed to leave us something.  According to Laura, Yaquelin said that she left us some Greek lasagna for lunch (which we ate… Greek TV Dinner…. horrible.. eck), and some chicken dish for dinner.  Our chicken was no where to be found.  Jose went around asking everyone, and everyone denied it.  Sarah and I ate toast and yogurt for dinner… 😦

(8)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on May 31, 2009.

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