Día 9: Granada… More Shopping… y Concert? no

(1)  Finally!  A Cheap Clothing Store in Europe

A lot of places right around we live have shirts on average at 30 euros!  Shoes… 50!  So Sarah and I went to the store this morning and we found this little clothing store with really cheap clothes!  It was kind of weird because they didn’t have more than one of anything (except for shoes) and there were no sizes on most of the clothing.  It almost reminds of a Salvation Army type of thing… but not quite.  I bought two entire outfits for less than 30 Euros… awesomeness.

Photo 6Photo 5

(2)  Festival International Dance Granada 2009 … or Not

Jose had talked us (me, Sarah, Laura, Samantha, and Shannon) into paying 20 Euros to go to a big 12 hour outside music festival (it was supposed to last from 6p to 6am) where a bunch of the big DJ’s were supposed to come and it would have a dance stage and booths and such.  Jose was so excited.  He wanted to leave 3 hours early to reserve our spot so we could be close to the stage.  We told him we didn’t want to stand around for the long, so we settled for one hour early (in actuality, we didn’t leave until 30 minutes after, lol).  When we got there at around 6:45p, there was almost absolutely no one there.  It was this huge fenced off area with music coming from somewhere in the distance.  We didn’t understand completely (even Jose was somehow confused), but the gaurds said something about how at a certain time, they were going to lock the gates and no one could get out until 4 im the morning!!  We were just like… aaaa no, and said we’d come back later.

Outside, we met these 5 guys who we thought knew Jose.  However, we later found out that they were just random people who just ended up hanging out with us.  Anyhoo, as usual, Laura wanted some alcohol, so we ended up going to a nearby grocery store to get rum and coke.  (We also bought some plastic cups b/c apparently you’re not allowed to bring that many extra people home, so I guess they wanted to drink in a lot or plaza or something)  We checked out and went outside only to find that it was pouring rain.



(3)  Under the Bridge

They still wanted to drink and we couldn’t just go back to the apartment (*rolls eyes *), so we ended up running around in the rain looking for shelter.  We found two places, but they were so crowded, we ended up under a big overhead bridge where there had to be at least 50 other people there… all drinking and singing… completely loco.

Within 20 minutes of drinking their rum and coke (I had some coke… even though I hate soda), Sam, Shannon, and Laura were making out with three of the guys we had randomly met.  It was disgusting how physical they were… and Sam has a boyfriend back in the states!  If I knew how to find my way home, I would have left sooner.  I was wet, cold, and miserable… and I missed my John.  We were under that bridge until almost 11p.

(4)  Bitches and Bastards

So Shannon and I were just talking on the balcony when out of the blue she said, “So like, is Laura just a Bitch?”   So how do you respond to that???  Me:  “Yeah…. youngest of 5, spoiled rotten, alcoholic.   She’s a bitch.”

At the supermarket… me, Shannon, Sam, 3 random guys we hadn’t known for more than 15 minutes.  Random guy:   “Como se dice (How do you say __) perra?”  We were just like… “bitch??”  Random guys:  “Laura es a bitch.”  We laughed.

Under the bridge while Laura, Sam, Shannon, and 3 random guys were making out:  Joe (one of the guys we met who was actually pretty cool… he didn’t really like 3 of the other guys, but was friends with the other one):  “What es bitch for guys?”  Me and Sarah:  “Bastards?”  Joe:  “Yeah… (he points to the 3 guys)… they are bastads… muchos.”  I hope he didn’t mean ‘players’  :S… though they were probably that too.

(5)  Thoughts on Alcohol

I’m not a big drinker.  I mean, I’ll drink a glass of wine every once in a while, but that’s about it.  I think it’s stupid to go to a party for the sole reason of getting wasted.  There are some drinks that taste pretty good… but most of them are pretty bad (of course, I know that’s a matter of opinion).  I think that’s one of the reason why I really don’t like one of the girls here.  A lot of times, she just wants to get drink.  The way she carries on… it’s sad.  I mean, there’s other people who really don’t want the drink, but when people offer it, they take it anyway so not to “look bad.”  But she’s not like that.  If I wanted to act stupid, I’d just do it.  Drinking just to get drunk.. all. the. time is sad.  … and then there’s all the complaining about hangovers… I mean, girl, you did it to yourself… what do you want me to do about it?

(6)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on May 30, 2009.

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