Día 8: En Granada… Yay For Skype! … La Alhambra, Shopping with Sarah, y Sam’s Converion Trouble

(1)  Skype Saved my Life

For some reason, the video chat on my AIM randomly stopped working.  I really wanted to talk to my John via video though… so we found Skype and installed it last night.  Yay!!!   All is good again.  ^_^

(2)  My Last Review Class Before the Placement Exam

I’m really not concerned about the placement exam on Monday.  I’m a level 1 and proud of it :).  Some people though are crazy stressing over it.  Their Universities won’t grant them credit unless they place in to a certain level.  Craziness.  I dunno.  I’m just all about trying to stress as little as possible and have fun.  We’ll see 🙂

(3)  La Alhambra


Picture 1:  Our amaAAAzing tour-guide… he had the COOLest British accent… for a native of Spain, lol





The Alhambra was soooo pretty… and the art had so much meaning and story-line behind it ❤

(4)  Shopping With Sarah

Haha, so on the way to the Alhambra, there are a TON of little Arabic shops and booths along the side of the road.  They had a bunch of really cool stuff, so Sarah and I made a wish list of the things we wanted.

Stuff Sarah and I saw that we want to buy before we leave (though we probably shouldn’t, lol):  Pillows, Poofs, Embroidered Tapestries, Box thing, Mirror, Jingle Belt thing, Belly- dancing outfit, Sarah’s Hookha, Paintings, Scarves, Decorated Hand Fan

We also stopped by and got some more helado 😛  heehee.  Ice cream is so good!  Especially here.  I guess because it’s so much hotter here, there are a lot of ice cream places.  There’s also a lot of different ice cream flavors.  For example, today, I got stracciatella and huevo kinder.  ^_^ YUM.  I’m going to be SO broke by the time I get back to the states, lol.

(5)  Gotta be Careful With Those Outlets…

Wow… so Sam (Samantha, one of the very American roommates) just blow out her last curling iron.  Her and Shannon have gone through that curing iron, two straighteners and a blow dryer.  No bueno.  😛  It was so funny.  We were all eating dinner while Shannon and Sam were getting ready to go out and all of a sudden we all start smelling smoke.  Then, we hear this huge comotion coming from there room.  Sam (who has brown hair long enough to sit on) had melted plastic from her curling iron all stuck in her hair.  The metel part of her curling iron was charred and burnt.  Those americano/espanol conversions just don’t work so good!  Gotta be careful… 😛

(6)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on May 29, 2009.

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