Día 7: Granada… Crazy Night Life y… Mi Espanol es MUUUYYY Poco…

Last Night:

(1)  Manchester United vs. Barcelona

The streets… were CRAZY.  We had gone to a bar to meet up with some of Jose’s friends and there were like, 30 people with fold out chairs all crowded around a huge TV that had been moved to outside.  People were over flowing into the streets to watch.  The crowd went wild when Barce scored the first goal.  Then, when they scored the second, people knew the game was over and the rejoicing could be heard all around.  It was craziness ;P.   As we left, people were yelling, dogs were barking, trash cans were being banged around, and water was being thrown from window at the people down below.  The Spanish SWAT eventually had to come out and shoot rubber shots at people.  My friend Jeff got shot in the leg! … but he was fine.  We were already at the club ^_^.

(2)  Granada 10


Picture 1 From left to Right:  Jose, me, Laura, Shannon, Sam, Sarah


(3)  So Do Personal Bubbles Not Exists Around Here???

I swear… there is no personal space around here.  It’s so weird.  Spaniards don’t move to avoid you when walking in the streets, they grab your entire waste to pull you somewhere (instead of your hand)… OMG… en Granada 10 last night, I was walking to the bathroom and some guy just grabbed my hand and was like “muy bonita, venido conmigo” (pretty lady, come with me).  I was just like, “no, no” and tried to keep walking.  THEN, another guy, when we were leaving to go home, grabbed my shoulders saying “muy bonita” tambian.  That was weird.  ALSO, my new roommates Shannon and Samantha wanted all of us to be in a picture with the bartenders/proffestional dancers, so when posing for the picture, one of then grabbed my waist in the pic… I need to find out how to say “aaaa.. only my boyfriend holds me there, ” ;P.

(4)  He’s Not Gay… He’s Just European ;P

Jose, one of the Spanish roommates, was so funny at the club.  I swear he could dance better than most girls!… moving his hips around and jumping all over the place, drinking lots of mixed drinks and cocktails.  A couple of his favorite songs were by Beyonce, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.  In the states, people might have looked at him differently.  But no worries, he’s not gay… just European ;P.


(1)  Cultural Activities

I figured out what I wanted to do.  Mountain Biking and Horseback Riding.  It’s going to be amMMAAAAAAAAzing  =D.

(3)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on May 28, 2009.

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