Día 4 y 5: Adios Madrid, Bonita Toledo, y Hooooolaaaaaa Granada!

*SQUEEEEE * Mi gusta Granada.  …. so much better that Madrid.  I don’t know.  I guess I’m just not a big city girl.  The craziness, lack of greenery, pollution, weird and crazy people.  It’s just not for me.  Mainly the only reason I’m able to live in Atlanta is because Georgia Tech really is it’s own little community.  I mean, I know it’s in the heart of Atlanta, but it doesn’t always feel so busy and crowded.  It’s nice.  Madrid… it’s a nice tourist place, but I could never live there.  Toledo:  beautiful, yet old.  Granada:  beautimous.  I’m so glad the program is here!!!!!

Stuff in between the last post and this one:

(1)  Bus Rides

Boring.  Boring boring boring.  Sarah and I watched an episode of Supernatural for the first hour (she’s only in the first season, but I don’t mind re-watching. I ❤ SUPERNATURAL!!!  ^_^)  Then in the second part (2 hours), break (45 minutes), and half of the third part of the ride (1 hours), I just ended up talking to Jeff the entire time while Sarah and maybe everyone else on the bus slept.  I can’t sleep on buses.  I get motion sickness on really long, curvy rides >.<.

(2)  Am I just XX talk incompatible or something??

I could talk to Jeff SOOOOO much easier than trying to talk to the 23 other girls with API.  Jeff, Dary, Chris, and Evan… they’re cool.  Talking to them, there’s no attention whores… no high pitched “yeah yeah” or “like ummmm.. like” or “omg omg omg”… no drama, gossip, pointless fluff.  I don’t know.  I’ve always gotten along better with guys.  That’s really ironic though since I’m the president of a Women’s organization ;P…

(3)  Toledo


Toledo is MUY bonito!!!!!



Toledo is so pretty!

(4)  The Apartmencia

We have internet!!!!!!  Woot woot!  I’m so excited.  I get to talk to my sweetheart without having to search for an internet cafe and go regularly or make John wake up at 8 in the morning to be able to talk.  …and it’s not bad internet either… I mean, it’s not GT but it’s pretty decent.

As for the apartment itself, I’m actually surprised by how much we get!  Sarah’s and my room (we’re roommates) is bigger than our freshman dorm rooms at GT… and bigger than our apartments at GT now actually too!  We get a huge wardrobe, a kitchen, our own bathroom, a small living room area, and access to another living room on our floor.  For meals, we go upstairs to eat with the rest of the apartment.  Breakfast is on our own.  There are 5 other Spaniards that live with us (Jose, Fernando, and Estella live on our floor while Teresa and Cana live upstairs), Laura:  Sarah’s friend, and two more Americans that are supposed to join us later.  This is so cool ^_^.

Yaquelin, our land lady, is really sweet.  She only speaks Spanish though, so it’s kind of hard for me to communicate with her.  She thinks I’m really shy though (since I don’t talk much… when it’s mainly b/c I don’t know how to speak Spanish), so she would take my arm everywhere she went trying to get me more comfortable with the place.

Random Quirks About the Apartment:

(I)  To flush the toilet, you push a button.  You don’t pull it up like at the hotel, but it’s the same weird concept.

(II)  Lunch is at 2:30p and dinner is at 9:30p.  I’m going to be so hungry!!

(III)  The shower nosel doesn’t hang on the wall.  You have to hold it up or move it around to wash yourself.  It’s a small stand up shower, but at least we get an opaque curtain this time!  ^_^

(IV)  There aren’t locks on the bedroom doors… or bathroom doors actually.  I don’t know… maybe it’s just an American thing, but there are times I don’t want people coming in my room… especially people I may not know as well :S.

(V)  The stores around here are all very small and line the narrow streets.  If you go in a store, they usually just EXPECT you to buy something… because you can see most of their merchandise from the window (especially food places… the menus are outside before you go in to order).

(VI)  People don’t pick up after their dogs.  Animal wastes are just on the ground… in the streets.  Be careful where you step.

On to Stuff About Today:

(1)  Granada Tour

Tour of Granada.  Cool.  I ❤ Granada ^_^.

(2)  Lunch

Beef stew y papas fritas.  Yum.  It’s kinda funny… I still can’t get over the fact that they don’t eat lunch until 2:30p here.  … and then they don’t eat dinner until 9:30p.  … and the clubs don’t close until 7a.m.  These people are crazy.  When do they sleep????

(3)  Review Classes por Espanol

We just started our Spanish review classes today.  It’s for the rest of the week (until Friday) from 5:00p-7:30p… late class.  Apparently though, most classes in Spain are late … hmm.   I actually really like my review class.  There are only four of us in the beginner’s level class, so at least now I don’t feel so lost.  The professor only talks to us in Spanish, so it’s kind of funny to have to act things out every once in a while to ask questions.

(4)  Making New Friends

You wouldn’t believe how much easier it is to make friends when your NOT sick and depressed all the time.  Lol.  People are actually more willing to come near you when you’re now coughing up a storm ;P

(5)  Dinner

So tonight we had a the first thing I’ve never in the states… and all it was was a ham and cheese fried patty, lol.  Very Espanol.  Haha.  It was good though.  And then we had vegetables. Yum.  It was pretty funny… I was just me, Sarah, Laura, Jose, and Fernando.  Laura was trying to get them to go to the bar (like she does with everybody), and they were just like… no no no… it was fun.  I think it was the first time I could actually join in a conversation and actually make sense, haha.  (They speak some English, but hey encourage us to only talk en espanol.)  That made it so much more fun.

(6)  Trying to Learn to Like This Girl, but Failing

Chubby want-a-be blonde bimbo, never looks at me or responds to my questions or comments, nose in the air, stereotypical sorority bitch, drinks 24/7, is never satisfied with weekend trips, super picky, will repeat things over and over again until you comply, even if you’ve said no, purposefully walks heavy so her triple D’s (that are practiacally hanging out of her shirt) bounce with every step, thinnks she can fit in as a Spaniard and complains like no other when Spaniards can tall right off the bat she’s American when she has THE WORST American accent I’ve ever heard…. okay… I just needed to rant for a little bit.  I’m trying to like her for Sarah’s (Wats) sake because Sarah’s one of my closest friends from GT and she really likes this girl (for who knows why) but EEEHHHHAAAAHHH!!!  Grrr…


OMG… lol… so we finally got our Towels from Yaquelin, and I TOTALLY had the pretty towel… and Sarah just ran over and stole it right out of my hands!!!  Haha.  How RUDE Sarah.  ;P

(8)  Night Time Out and About

Jose and Fernando wouldn’t give in to Laura’s requests to go drinking with her, so we ended up walking around the area just looking for something fun to do.  We went into a few bars, but after muchos stares from the people already there, we kept looking.  Eventually we ended up at a small bar (we didn’t realize until later that it was actually right outside our apartment, lol) to drink beers and talk and such.   I usually despise beer.  It tastes and smells like feet.  However, Sarah had me try this Belgium Raspberry one…Tillerman Framboise…  it just tasted like Raspberry sprite, but better, lol.  Not bad ^_^.

(9)  I miss my John <333


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