Day #3: Madrid- Being Sick Sucks, Long Bus Ride, Dead People, Being Sick Sucks

I am now officially tired of Madrid.  I’m ready to meet my host family in Granada and settle in for the semester.  I don’t know.  Madrid is nice and all, but I’m so sick of being a tourist here.  I’m tired sick, and grumpy all the time… and I’m just praying Granada will be better, b/c all I want to do right now is go home.  Is that bad?  … I know that’s pretty bad… I’ve only been here for a few days…

Yeah… so I’m pretty pessimistic right now.  I feel sick all over, d*^% PMSing, I’m filled with meds,  overall feeling depressed and alone no matter how many people are around, I can’t focus, I can’t sleep… being sick sucks.

Okay, so I’m ranting… but it’s almost making me feel better. At least the accordion player outside my window is playing something happy.  The sad trumpet player earlier was just depressing.

Anyhoo, so today.

(1)  De Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo del Excorial

One hour bus ride there to el Excorial, one hour bus ride back.  There, we visited the Royal Monestary of San Lorenzo del Escorial.  I actually didn’t know anything about the place (I was to lazy and tired to look it up), so once inside, I was basically just like “Ooooo… another pretty building.” … thinking it was like the Real Palacio or something ;P.  Then, we went down a tiny staircase with LOTS of decorations and sculptures and paintings only to end up in a big room surrounded by the coffins (and bodies) of some dead kings of Spain.  After that we went to see a bunch of dead babies… it was sad.  Then there was Maria Theresa (the only famous one I remember) and some more nobility. … lots of Greek lettering, seals, and art.

Then, we got in trouble for almost getting left behind again… only there were a clear majority of us left.  Our API guides just kind of LEFT us.  It was sad.

pretty mountains!!random pic of del Excorial

peopleRoyal Monestary of San Lorenzo del Escoria

(2)  I miss my John <333

~ by Candis on May 24, 2009.

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