Yes, the First Pics I Took in Spain (After a Whole Day) Were in Front of My Hotel Window


Photo 32Photo 43

Photo 45Photo 47

Photo 48Photo 54

Yeah…. there was nothing out that window ;P


Random Quirks About Spain (Bathroom details only pertaining to hotel I’m staying at… so far)

(1)  I totally love the shower… even though you can remove the nosel… it looks like a bath, but you can only take a shower, and it only has half a glass cover that’s completely clear… so it feels like your completely naked to anyone who just accidently walks into the bathroom while you’re in the shower (which could happen b/c there’s no way to lock the bathroom door).

(2)  You pull a round nob located in the center of the panel behind the toilet upwards to flush.  It actually took me a little bit to figure that one out ;P

(3)  Europe has a lot of those ugly bull dogs.  … probably because only small dogs are allowed or could fit in the small apartments that most people live in.

(4)  A lot of people smoke cigars (not usually cigaettes… cigars) anywhere at any point during the day.  Same goes for drinking alchohol.

(5)  The street signs are pretty pictures on the side of buildings at cross sections… not nice bold signs that scream “look at me!” like in the US.

(7)  De Policia wear uniforms with bright neon green patches.  My sister KP would like that one ;P.


~ by Candis on May 23, 2009.

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