Day #2- Madrid: Webcams Save my Life, Yummy Food, and of Course, my Day

After Writing last Night’s Post…(stuff from last night)

(1)  Madrid Night Life Can be Kinda Weird, but Ridiculously Funny at the Same Time

A man dressed up as a decorated goat just looking at passing people, a statue jumping out at us, a guy’s head being completely still and then screaming at us as we walked by.  … it was an interesting night ^_^.  We basically just walked around… random exploring.

Goat manGroup Pic 2

Scary Head GuyYummy Cake

(2)  I Got to Talk to my Sweetheart on a Webcam!!!

I miss that kid so much…  I really wish he were here with me right now.  At least last night I found out we get free internet at our hotel!!  Thank goodness for the internet.  I spent quite a while talking to John through IM.  Then my friend Micheal was there also, so John used Micheal’s computer to web-chat!  John says he’s going to buy a web cam today.  I don’t think I’ve been happier this entire trip.  ^_^

And on to Today:

(1)  Mueso de Prado  (Prado Museum)

I like museums and all (even though this was my first actual museum… >.<), but WTF… I’ve never seen so much nudity in my entire life!  I mean… looking through a Playboy makes you a perv in most instances (not that I’ve flipped through any Playboys) while nude paintings in museums are considered beautiful… exquisite art that always holds some deeper meaning (to some people).  Eh… what evs…. is was still pretty cool.  I really liked Goya’s paintings.  They seemed to hold more hidden and diverse meanings and such.

(2)  Getting Left Behind

So after our official tour o de Museo de Prado, about 12 of us (out of about 24) went to the bathroom.  About 8 of us were left behind.  (We found out later that the tour leaders counted us and was certain that we were all there, and so they just left) At first, it was just me and Amanda.  Then, we caught up to a group of 4.  Amanda and another girl ran off, and we were 4.  We tried to keep up with the group (who was way ahead, but still visible), but eventually lost them.  (Keep in mind this is a 20-25 minutes walk back to the hotel and then another 15-20 minutes walk to the Real Palacio… if you know where you’re going)  We later ran into Wats and Laura.  With our mediocre Spanish and the huge crowded vastness of Madrid… good times, good times.

(3)  Real Palacio  (Royal Palace)

After being completely LEFT BEHIND at the Museo de Prado, we finally made it to the Real Palacio.  Sarah, Laura and I didn’t even want to be with the group any more (they left us first!  jk… we just didn’t feel like listening to stories in Spanish… we just wanted to look around and talk and comment amongst ourselves), so we purposefully fell behind to admire the palace decorations.  Omgsh… the walls… were layered with embroidered fabric (I guess technically we aren’t supposed to touch it, but it was amazing…).  The chandeliers, painted ceilings, curtains, tables, spoons, bowls…. everything was beaUUUUtimous!  I just wanted wished the guard rails weren’t around.  I had the biggest urge to just run through the palace, as if I were a kid back in 1802 without a care in the world.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the palace, but here’s a couple on the outside ^_^.

Outside Real Palacio4262_1106827507233_1123140661_30456939_1615926_n

(from left to right:  me, Wats, Laura, Walsh)


It cost me $65 to get $40 in euros.  Fun stuff.  On the bright side, they’re so pretty!  ;P

(5)  HELADO!!!

So after a LOT of walking, Sarah and I managed to find el helado place.  Until maybe I try mint chocolate chip  gelado, mint chocolate chip ice cream is still the best.  YUM!

(6)  Riot in the Streets!

We walked by a HUGE group of protesters today (they took up an entire width of a big street!)… there were big paper signs, screaming people, the police, news cameras… it was craziness.

(7)  Dinner

Sarah, Sarah (Both Sarah W’s… Watson and Walsh… …. maybe I’ll give them nicknames… Wats and Walsh), Laura, and I went to this little restaurant called Cafe & Te.  It was pretty cool.  It served sandwiches, pasta, pizza, it had a bar… it was actually pretty random.  I ordered a sandwich and a glass of sangria.  I was halfway done with my drink when the other girls got their pastas.  It took over 20 minutes longer than the other girls to get my food, because apparently they ran out of the materials to make a ham and cheese sandwich.  Therefore, to eat dinner, I ordered a more expensive ham and cheese sandwich (different type of bread).  *sighs *  Overall, the meal wasn’t to bad.  I have a feeling I’m going to be broke by the time I get back to the states though…

(8)  Night-Time Activities

I was planning to go out with the girls, but eventually broke and decided that I was to sick to go out *tear tear, sniffle sniffle *

(9)  I miss my John…  <333


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