So Yes, After Much Craziness, I am Going Abroad… but not to Italy…

Insanity.  That pretty much describes the last tid-bits of my Spring semester.  The crazy projects, cramming for finals, and study abroad pandemonium…. wow.  It all turned out MARvelous in the end.

Grades wise, I’m back on the Dean’s List!  All A’s and B’s.  This is mind blowing since I was totally expecting an A, a B, and then maybe two C’s… so bravo ;P.   My Finding Nemo video game that I made for 2261 is so cute btw, … I’m proud of myself, lol.

The real craziness though, wasn’t with grades… study abroad.  It was official… I was going to Italy.  Then there was doubt, more people joined, so it was guaranteed, and then over Spring break, several people dropped out… the program was officially canceled (*boo hoo, tear tear, sniffle sniffle *).  It was just WTF… it was so last minute too.  There just wasn’t enough time to register for another study abroad program with GT… so what did we (two completely crazy, but completely determined to go abroad, euro-crazed females) … (aka me and my awesome friend Sarah) do?  We looked outside of GT and found the Academic Programs International Organization (API).  With API, we’re able to go to Europe (for us, specifically Granada, Spain) for the same duration as the IFS program with GT, but for almost half the cost.  Amazingness.  With that application deadline merely a week away, plus with the transfer credit paperwork, verification paperwork, and financial aid stuff going on at the same time, it was pandemonium.  …. but SOOOOO worth it.

On the down-side, JoAnn couldn’t join us, but the lucky girl at least gets to go to Taiwan for a week ;P.  Also, the fact that we can’t use financial aie for Granada has put a giGANtic dent in my bank account, but I’ll live (hopefully).  And then there’s the fact that I may never get to do the Italian Film Studies program because I want to do internships every summer after this one until I graduate… .  And then there’s the fact that we (JoAnn, Sarah, and I) won’t be able to go shoe shopping in Italy or eat real Italian Gelado, or learn the Single Ladies Dance and dance around in Italy and France (although I’m not single… I ❤ my John!), or take jumping pictures in front on the Eiffle Tower or Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the Colloseaum of Rome, or go swimming at the Mediteranean Beach like planned… *sighs *.  But then again…. we leave…. in a week ^_^  *flails around with infinite excitment *


~ by Candis on May 12, 2009.

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