Bready molding, fashion show advice, and plastic sword fights

Disclaimer: The names and places in these writings may be subject to change to protect the identity of the persons involved. However, all content is based off of real events.

She rolled over, the sleepy stupor weighted on her eyelids.  Snuggling deeper into his warm embrace, her eyes fluttered open, a wide grin welcoming in the new day. To her right, the sunlight spilled in under the makeshift blanket curtains held up by a thick layer of duct tape.  The walls were white, a plain college dorm room decorated with numerous photographs, posters, and drawings, a makeshift attempt to add a homey touch.

“Good morning sweetheart.”  LyAnn’s voice was stretched out as she tried to muffle a yawn, her arms trying to stretch the sleep out.

Jason rolled closer, first kissing her forehead, her nose, her cheek, her lips.  “Good morning, sleepy head.”  His fingertips brushed aside the black hair that had fallen across her nose.  “Did you sleep well?”

“Like a baby.  I had the weirdest dream though.”  He nuzzled her ear as she giggled and poked his nose with her finger.  “We were in the rain forest pulling carts and running on a trail.  In front of us was the bad guy, a tall guy dressed in all black riding fast on a horse.  Somehow we were keeping up on foot… AND pulling those wooden carts… it was weird.

“YOU’RE weird,” he teased.  She raised up onto her elbows to give him glare.  With a laugh, he pulled her close as she settled down to lay on his bare chest.

He reached up behind him for his phone sitting on top of his small refrigerator.  He reached his arm around her as he turned the phone on.  “Oh wow!  It’s almost 9:30!  Time to get up kiddo.”  He threw the covers aside and jumped out of bed in a hurry.

With a smile and and sigh, she plopped back down and throw the thick, green covers back over her head, faking sleep.


“It’s not working, Jason.  This glue doesn’t work either.”  LyAnn placed the broken hair clip on the table and leaned back in the chair in frustration.  For months, her favorite butterfly hair clip had been broken, the wing completely snapped off.  Jason had gotten it for her as a souvenir from when both of them and Jason’s family had gone on a vacation to Charleston.  The vacation had made her feel like a real part of Jason’s life.  It made her feel special.

They had been through three different brands of superglue, and Elmer’s rubber cement.  Nothing seemed to work.  “It’s okay, kiddo… I’m sure we’ll find something eventually.  And you’re sure there’s no way to set it, so we can just leave it on the table and come back for it?”

“We just can’t.  It’s shaped funny, and the glue won’t hold enough to put it down.  This is hopeless.  I wish there was some way to set it.”  With a smirk and a small laugh, she continued, “If we had clay or soft wax, we could just make an impression of the clip and set it that way.  To bad you don’t have any spare molding clay lying around.”

He crossed his arms, a look of deep thought running across his features.  “I was just kidding you know,” she said as she let out a light laugh.

He held up one finger and walked to a nearby shelf, a look of deep thought still on his face.  “You DO know that I was just kidding… right?  Jason?”

“This will work!”  Triumphantly, he took the hair-clip and pushed it into the soft side of a piece of bread.

Seriously???… Oh Jason.”  She laughed some more, her face in the palm of her hand.

“What?  This will work.”  He smiled widened as he continued to slather even more rubber cement onto the back of the metal hair clip.


“Oh HUNNY, it’ll look absolutely FAB-U-LOUS.”  LyAnn and Jason exchanged looks as the hair designer from Macy’s Ecotage continued to throw LyAnn’s hair back and forth, coming his big fingers through her shoulder-length, black hair.  “SO… I was thinking… the other models are favoring the big hair, a night club look.  I think it will look GREAT with your hair.” He continued flipping her hair in every which direction.

The hair designer wasn’t being especially discrete with LyAnn’s hair, tossing her head back and forth.  The constant hair flipping was beginning to gain attention.  Nearby, a couple of high school girls with their mother were staring open-mouthed.  The taller one hugged her sequined purse to her chest, a fascinated grin spread across her face.  The younger one, her short brown hair infested with pick hair bows, simply smiled, her head moving slightly with LyAnn’s.

“Okay hunny, I’ll see you the 11th.  Take care!”  Jason and LyAnn smiled and scurried back to the entrance.

“… What the fuck is the ‘night-club look??”  Jason just shrugged as he took her hand to go and explore more of the mall.


“I still can’t believe you guys are giving away a Nerf gun as a prize to a college student.”  Jason walked around, randomly picking up various toys in the Target toy aisle.

“I told you, it’s ‘Mafia night.’  You know, the card game the revolves around the idea of big guys with guns that go bang, bang?”  She continued to search through the endless mound of Nerf guns from huge turrette type guns to double barreled pistols, other small hand guns, and bows and arrows.  “Geez, I’m going to feel so weird carrying a huge Nerf gun around.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, you could tell people we’re getting it for our eight-year old son.”  Jason just smiled as he went on to admire some toy swords.

“Right.  They’d totally believe me, ” she said with a smirk.  “Alright dad, if you were to pick out a gun for your son, which one would you get?”

Jason came over to fumble through the Nerf gun pile.  “Well, if I were to get one for my son, it’d be one of the better ones, but since you’re giving this one away as a W@CC prize, I’d go with the cheaper one… the riffle’s cool.”

“Well, I want it to be good… and …”

“On guard!”  LyAnn turned around to find a big foam pirate sword pointed at her face, a playful Jason-smirk not far behind it.

“Are you challenging me??”

“Why.. is big bad LyAnn going to beat me up?”

With a wide grin, she picked up another plastic sword holding it up to his.  She swung up, down, left, right.  They went through the aisle, laughing and sword fighting their way through the toy section of Target.

~ by Candis on February 23, 2009.

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