So now you live in downtown Atlanta….

So there might as well be a parade going on down there.  I mean, for the past few minutes straight, I can hear from my third floor window multiple police sirens, firetruck horns, ambulance screams, screeching tires.  Where’s the party, right??!!??

Sometimes I really miss the small town life.  One of my favorite places to go when I’m at home is a lake…. a calm, quiet lake.

I remember lying out under the shimmering stars imagining life without boundaries. The bare wooden boards of the bridge that stretched across the lake became my bed. Safely tucked into the bridge’s comforting embrace, I’d fall into my own imagination. The swishing of the steady waves rippled underneath me like the innocent swaying of a branch in the wind. The breeze itself blew in my ear and playfully tickled my hairs, pouring its breath down my ears, sending shivers down my spine, and formulating tingles amongst my toes. It was me, the lake, and my bridge, the rest of the world obsolete, hidden behind a canvas of trees and an obsidian sky.

But now… after moving away to college, to the busy life of Atlanta… where are those quiet moments… where are the stars????  *sigh *… That’s a Saturday night in downtown Atlanta for you… and those stupid sirens are STILL going! ~_~’  ….. figures….

~ by Candis on August 24, 2008.

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