FINALLY! A Vacation!

It’s one thing when you get a summer of no classes or academic commitments, but then if you’re working two big jobs and a part time job on the side and the same time the entire time, is it really “summer vacation?????”

My boyfriend John is an incredibly special person to me. After each long day at work, he’s always around to cheer me up, make me feel special. He’s my best friend… my crazy, smart, wonderful blond Irish boy.

So I just got back from vacation with John and his dad and step-mom to Charleston, SC.  It was almost weird at first, just me and John and then his dad and step-mom.  In John’s words, “it’s almost like a looong double date with [his] parents.”  Crreeeeeepppyy.  But seriously, I really like them, so it’s all good.

Anyhoo, the vacation… It. was. AWESOME!… so much fun! Charleston is actually a really cool old city. There are so many fun shops and tourist attractions (Fort Sumter, Rainbow Row, the Slave Market (which is actually now a really cool place where people set up booths and sell jewelry, pictures, baskets, clothes, and other random things), etc.)… and downtown is so big!! We basically went to the beach in the mornings and early afternoons and then went through downtown after.

I’ve always liked those nice old towns. It’s so weird… I’ve always loathed history class in school. Then again, it’s not necessarily the history of the place, but the historic charm of the place.

There’s so many seafood places too (it probably has something to do with Charleston being on the coast o.O). I had never had oysters before… GULF oysters too. It’s just, there’s something about eating something that’s multiple shades of gray and jiggles when poked… it’s just not that appealing. It’s like taking a bite into a mound of gray, slimy, evenly jello-y puke. However, the oysters. yeeeeaaaah… they = PURE awesomeness (although… perfection didn’t actually exist until only AFTER adding a Saltine cracker and cocktail sauce… otherwise it’s must gray and slimy o.O).

After I got back, I unpacked all of my things and rearranged my new room (John and his dad had helped me move before we left). It’s so weird now though…. that feeling you get after you’ve taken a break from every reality… taken a step away from the norm, the usual, the routine. It’s just that, when you come back to the real world from a fairy tale… it kind of hurts a little… everything’s just a little lonelier than you remember it being before you escaped…

~ by Candis on August 7, 2008.

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